Upholstered Furniture

What is Upholstered Furniture?

For non-native speakers, it wouldn’t’t hard to imagine what furniture look like, but the word ‘upholstered furniture’ is a different story.

In short, upholstered furniture could be describe as sofa, living room chairs, couches and so on. This upholstered furniture was designed to deliver an ultimate experience of convenience and luxury which mean it can be used for relaxation as well as decoration. However, according to upholstered furniture’s good quality, its price is inevitably higher than common furniture which mean you have to take a good care of it to make it last long and remain in good condition.

That’s why you need someone with a deep knowledge about upholstered furniture and luckily, Stanley Steemer has trained their technicians hard to become a great investigator of many types of cleaning objects including upholstered furniture. You can be rest assure that your upholstered furniture, especially sofa will be well-treated and clean properly at hands of Stanley Steemer cleaning experts.

Upholstered Furniture Cleaning

Generally, upholstered furniture has been widely known for it convenience and luxury because it usually made of premium quality which inevitably require intensive care. That mean you cannot clean up upholstered furniture just by towel and water that might not only remove dust and dirt properly but also risk harming its vulnerable surface. That is to say, to clean upholstered furniture properly and effectively, you need a reliable professional cleaner.

Stanley Steemer is simply your No.1 answer.

With rich experience in the field of cleaning and intensive training, Stanley Steemer know how to clean your upholstered furniture as well as preserve its premium condition. They will use the steam cleaning technique or the so-called hot water extraction method to remove remains out of your sofa once and for all. This method use the capability of hot water which naturally able to extract even the smallest dust from the surface while reducing a risk to harm its condition. You might think that there are many ways to clean up upholstered furniture, why choose steam cleaning. The answer is clear enough, you don’t have to clean your sofa everyday but when you need to, you have to be sure that the cleaning will worth the money and only steam cleaning can live up to your expectation because it is the only way to clean upholstered furniture effectively within a short period of time.

Upholstered Furniture cleaning price

Commonly, upholstered furniture cleaning price rates around $157 which considered too high for most people. However, taking in mind that you don’t clean up your luxury sofa everyday and a professional cleaning could last for years, it is still reasonable to hire professional furniture cleaners for the job. Furthermore, with Stanley Steemer promo codes and coupons, you could get a discounts and promotions simply by using it before making a purchase online. All you have to do is subscribing at stanleysteemer.com and receive promotional codes via e-mails. This way you could get a professional upholstered furniture cleaning with affordable price.

Remember that there are new Stanley Steemer promo codes comes out every months, so stay tune and visit stanleysteemer.com or our website to get the latest updates.


Published:October 10, 2017

Furniture Cleaning

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