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Stanley Steemer also known as Stanley Steamer is a service provider business which was started in the year 1947 by Jack Bates and remains the America’s leading provider of cleaning carpets, air ducts, grout, tile and hardwood services. It is the commercial and professional leader in the cleaning service providers industry which has been operating for more than 60 years. Today, still family-owned, based in Ohio is synonymous with everything clean for your business and home. Its cleaning services stretch beyond carpet cleaning to furniture cleaning and emergency water restoration.

With its national wide coverage covering over three hundred locations in 48 states of America, it delivers the cleaning equipment, technicians who are highly trained and 24 hour response to your doorstep. Many of us will wonder how Stanley Steemer does this but all this is through manufacturing the equipment, training the staff and delivering its exceptional services. This, makes Stanley Steemer remain the world’s best carpet cleaning company offering the best services at the comfort of your home.

Stanley Steemer Promo Code

stanley steemer

stanley steemer

Why Stanley Steemer?
Stanley Steemer has decades of experience which makes them understand the simple fact that cleaning helps protect your investment. They are committed in delivering the best floor and carpet cleaning services you can ever find and provide premier line-up services through highly trained specialists which help out perform their competitors. They provide the maintenance and care necessary to prolong the life of your furnishings and floors and they are constantly expanding to provide for all the needs and wants of their esteemed customers. To crown it all, Stanley Steemer’s quality, convenience and expertise give the reason why it is the industry leader when it comes to floor and carpet cleaning service. Apart from all these advantages one gains by calling on Stanley for its services, it offers more than what you will expect. Stanley has discount, coupons and promo codes which will help you save money and time during your purchase of their services.

Stanley Steemer Coupon, Discount and Promo Codes
Stanley promo codes include; free promo codes, Stanley Steemer promo codes, Stanley Steemer coupons and Hollister Coupon codes. All these are designed to help you save money on carpet cleaning services. All you have to do is to open their main official site and enter your zip code and find your nearest location in your city or if you want a discount before you can order, you can use the promo codes. Stanley Steemer offers a range of promo codes each offering different discount percentages. Some of these codes can be explained as given below;


Stanley Steemer Locations

This code works only when you place an order from your nearest service station and this means it is limited depending on your location. It offers $25 off on services to be received and what you simply need to do is to use the code “SAVE” after checking the nearest service station.

This code helps you save 20% for commercial and residential services. Once you select commercial or residential services like ground, tiles, furniture and carpet cleaning by using this Stanley Steemer promo code AFCM2P you get 20% discount for your entire order.

This code applies only for online orders and for one to get this discount you have to order from Stanley Steemer official site. What you have to do is to choose the type of services then enter the Stanley Steemer promo code “SSFET2” to get $20 discount on final total. The same is also available in printable coupon form which you need to redeem at local stores.

4. 03079
The Stanley Steemer promo code 03079 gets each of your rooms cleaned at $39 only. Once you get to their official site and enter this code, you can get each of your rooms cleaned by highly trained technicians for only $39.

5. 4485258 or DISCOUNT or COLD
This promo code is applied at their official web site at the time one is checking out. It offers 15% saving for room cleaning services or more of $200 plus.

6. Clearance sale.
Clearance sale Stanley Steemer promo code is a code for the discount one gets on purchase of professional products such as red wine remover, spot remover, pet mess solution kit and pet hair lifter. With this, one receives up to 10% saving on the purchase price.

7. STEEMER or Steamer
STEEMER is a Stanley Steemer promo code which offers $35 pre-tax off discount for an order worthy $200 or more. For any order one makes whether for cleaning carpets, floor or grouts costing $200 and above, using the code Steamer or STEEMER you save $35. This promo code encourages large orders which promote the company profitability as well as considering the customers’ pockets.

8. Windy Stanley Steemer promo code
This code allows one to get three rooms sprayed with protective spray for only $225 by entering the code “Windy” at the time of ordering at their official web site.

This Stanley Coupon code is a promotion to get three rooms cleaned and spray-protected at a cost of $ 185. This promotion is ongoing and expires at the end of this month with a 29% chance of success and has been tried by two people already.

10. Stanley Steemer Promo codes for local orders
Apart from the promo codes discussed above, Stanley Steemer Company also offers special promo code on its website for local orders. To get these codes, just enter your zip code and you will find these deals on your local service station. You should also keep on checking its local mailing advertisements.

Having discussed the various Stanley Steemer promo codes, I can strongly say that they are very advantages. This is to the customer as well as the service providing company on different ways. On the customer side, one is able to save a lot on the cost of carpet and floor cleaning costs, get services on time with guaranteed satisfaction and the services are not only affordable but also of high quality as guaranteed by Stanley’s highly trained personnel. Looking at the company, it reaps the benefits of high profits, larger customer and loyalty and competitive advantage. All these contributes to the long leadership of Stanley in the industry in America remaining the biggest family-owned commercial and professional company offering carpet and floor cleaning services. To get the best side of these offers, one should search for Stanley Steemer coupon codes and customers can find exclusive Stanley Steemer discount codes at this link : Stanley Steemer Promo Code


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