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Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaning, Stanley Steemer is a carpet cleaning company based in Dublin, Ohio. The company started their cleaning business in 1947 with a meagre investment of $2300. They started as a home based carpet cleaning company who would use the state-of-the-art technology in cleaning your carpets at home and office. The company is still run by the family and they are into their third generation too. Stanley Steemer carpet cleaning has become a popular and household name in the Ohio region. While their business grew, the company also started with providing furniture cleaning, upholstery cleaning, grout and tile cleaning, air duct cleaning and hardwood cleaning services. With their wide range of services they are providing the best services in cleaning and restoration in around 48 states in the United States.

Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaning

Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaning

Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaning

Why Stanley Steemer?

Stanley Steemer carpet cleaning services was first started with cleaning household carpets. After six decades of services and expertise the company provides the latest cleaning services when you ask them to clean the carpets of your home. The yellow vans in which they come have become an iconic symbol and a familiar sight all around the nation. So what are the reasons that made this company rule for decades in the fields of cleaning? Well, there are quite a few reasons:

  • They are highly experienced in cleaning carpets of all types
  • The services that they provide are latest and state-of-the-art
  • They always live up to their customer’s satisfaction
  • They manufacture their own cleaning equipments that are of superior quality
  • Their responsive cleaning services are available 24×7
  • The technicians are experienced and highly trained. They go through strict recruitment process and their staffs are never subcontracted
  • They are present in forty eight states and thus they can easily reach around 95% of the population in the United States

Techniques Used By Stanley Steemer

There are many more reasons why you should choose Stanley Steemer carpet cleaning for your home and office. One of the major reasons can be their hot water extraction method. While cleaning the carpet the technicians would inject soft hot water along with their cleaning solutions into the carpet. Then the magic wand would loosen up the dirt and lift it from the carpet without harming the silky texture of it. It takes very less time to dry as the technicians use the latest technology that enables the suction of 95% moisture instantly. That is why there is no chance of leaving any residues on the carpet thus making it perfectly clean.

Carpet Cleaning at Homes

Carpets that are used at homes are usually the ones that are soft and made of silk. While home carpets are kept clean and maintained quite well, occasional spillages of coffee, tea, drink and other such things are quite common. Even home with babies get their carpets dirty because of these spillages and that is when this company come to help. All you need to do is to call the Stanley Steemer carpet cleaning service and they will be at your doorstep with their yellow van to give your carpet a red carpet service. Their deep cleaning techniques are unique and gives you carpet a brand new look after the wash. These cleaning techniques not only removes dirt and dust but also washes of allergens, microscopic pollutants and even mildews making the carpet healthy for your baby and you.

Carpet Cleaning at Offices and Business Places

Carpets that are used in commercial places, offices, and shops etc. get more footfalls every day. Thus, they also attract dust and dirt on a regular basis that is impossible to clean every day. At Stanley Steemer carpet cleaning, they have the perfect cleaning service for the industrial and commercial carpets. There are different types of services for the commercial carpet cleaning that includes:

  • Interim carpet cleaning
  • Carpet Deodorizer
  • Carpet Protection
  • Spot carpet cleaning

According to the usage of the carpet you can take up services that will help you to keep your home and office carpet clean and last long. Cleaning at regular intervals will help you to keep your carpet new and you can use it for a long time. The techniques, equipments and cleaning solutions that are used by this company are their proprietary products and hence they give the best output as far as carpet cleaning is concerned. To get the best side of these offers, one should search for Stanley Steemer carpet cleaning and coupon codes and customers can find exclusive.


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