Stanley Steemer 99 dollar special Not just a carpet cleaning

Stanley Steemer 99 dollar special

Not just a carpet cleaning

It’s normal when you are known for specialize in some stuffs, people always tend to recognize that only one skill as your tools of the trade. The same story happened to Stanley Steemer, but because they are expert in carpet cleaning doesn’t mean this is their only areas of expertise. Over the past decades, Stanley Steemer has developed amid the changes of American history. From a small family-own business founded during the end of World War II, now Stanley Steemer has become a nationwide all-in-one cleaning company with more than 200 local service stations throughout the country.

For years, Stanley Steemer has been known for their reputation in carpet cleaning specialty, but they also offer you other types of cleanings including furniture, tile &grout, natural stones, hardwood, air duct and car cleaning which you can deliberately choose at their official website. Stanley Steemer average cleaning cost usually rate around $99 -$150 depends on types of cleaning, but you can pay less than usual by applying Stanley Steemer coupons &promo codes.

Stanley Steemer Special

Stanley Steemer Special or promotions usually come up with two types; coupons and promo codes. These promotions could be obtained by becoming a member at or you can get them by visiting promotion-affiliate websites. Each Stanley Steemer coupons and promo codes has their own conditions, so please aware of their expiration date before using them. The promotions main objective is to give you discount and special deals which you can use in person after cleaning or apply before payment online. If use wisely, Stanley Steemer Special promotions could bring you a lot of benefit, it could grant you up to 25% discount or give you additional services for free.

Stanley Steemer 99 Dollar Special

One of the most distinguished Stanley Steemer promotion is 99 Dollar Special which involving many interesting coupons and promo codes. There are some Stanley Steemer Special 2018 come out lately such as 15OFF which could take 15% off carpet cleaning cost or PE983 which will give you additional $30 Furniture cleaning service for free. There are more interesting Stanley Steemer deals with specific conditions. For example, lexeme  would let you have up to 4 Rooms cleaned for $119 and SPECIAL which offer you Deep Cleaning for only $99. Deep cleaning is the cleaning compilation including carpet, furniture and air duct cleaning which you can get all at once. Another outstanding promotion is 40Off which grant a first-time customer with up to 40% off any cleaning order without additional charge. If you interest in Stanley Steemer cleaning service. There are two major ways you can book their service. First, Stanley Steemer has more than 200 service stations operates around the country, you can locate the nearest service station via and visit there in person for booking or calling them by local phone. Another easier way is online booking. All you got to do is to subscribe at Stanley and select the cleaning service you want. Through this way, you can also pay by credit card and using Stanley Steemer promo code to get the discount as well.

Remember that Stanley Steemer is one of the most experienced cleaning company in the field, if you want to try out professional cleaning service for the first time, why don’t you choose the best? Choose Stanley Steemer, choose the best cleaner in the field.


Published:February 10, 2018

Carpet Cleaning

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