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            How could you know that your upholstery is still in good shape and doesn’t need any clean-up in the near future. Furniture, according to some researches, are hideout of many invisible threats to our health, for example, allergens, bacteria, viruses, pollen, germs and so on. These tiny but harmful particles could cause respiratory diseases such as allergy and respiratory infection which could lead to more dangerous syndrome like respiratory failure. This is why you should have your upholstery cleaned once a year and that must be a proper cleaning by a professional.

For more than half a century, Stanley Steemer has been developing through time. From a small carpet cleaner to franchise cleaning company with more than 200 service stations open across the country, there would no better to describe the company than ‘professional’.

Stanley Steemer Furniture Cleaning service

Stanley Steemer is one of a few company offer you an all-in-one cleaning services range from carpet to tile and grout cleaning. However, Stanley Steemer’s technicians are capable of many cleaning skills including furniture cleaning. They were trained intensively to examine the upholstery’s condition in order to find the best method of cleaning without harming a single fabric of their customer’s furniture. To get the job done, Stanley Steemer’s technicians would analyse your furniture’s condition before deciding to apply vacuum or lighter method like sanitizer to remove pollen, dust, dirt, bacteria and viruses from your upholstery. This step will proceed slow and steady to ensure that your upholstery will be completely cleaned at the end of day.

After finishing cleaning procedure, the technicians’ next move would be to protect and preserve your furniture’s condition to be looking good as new. They will use Stanley Steemer’s exceptional leather cleaners, moisturizers and protectors to cover your upholstery’s surface in order that it will protect the furniture’s condition from sunlight, moisture as well as other pollutants.

Professional furniture cleaning is much more than a simple vacuum, to extend the usage of your furniture, you need to create a self-defense barrier for your beloved upholstery, namely, a proper cleaning would not only remove dust and other threats but it also helps resist stain and pollen that might destroy fabric and shorten upholstery’s usage. This is why a professional furniture cleaning is worth the money, you get your furniture properly cleaned once a year and you will never have to buy new ones for many years.

Steemer Furniture Cleaning discounts

It’s arguable that furniture cleaning is not so cheap, but with Stanley Steemer, you can always get furniture cleaning service at affordable price via Stanley Steemer coupons and promo codes. To get discounts, you have to be a member at and receive coupons and promo codes by e-mails or newsletters. All you need to do is to subscribe at the web address above and apply those promo codes while making an order online. There are so many discounts available for upholstery cleaning service. Some of them can give you as much as $20 off the actual price. Through this way, you will find that a professional furniture cleaning both affordable and reliable like never before.

Don’t risk your life and family with the invisible threats inside your furniture, call Stanley Steemer, and you will never have to worry about respiratory diseases again.



Published:June 30, 2017

Furniture Cleaning

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