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       You’re looking for a professional cleaner, consider Stanley Steemer as Number One in the field. Since 1947, Stanley Steemer has proved that their professionality has stand against changes and competitors. With high-trained experts and groundbreaking cleaning technologies, Stanley Steemer ensure you that your upholstery will be completely safe and cleaned in their hands. For decades, Stanley Steemer’s creditability has been rising through time, it has been praise by its peers and obtained a good number of certifications from industry-wide organizations. This might be able to boost your confidence in the company more or less, however, the best guarantee of Stanley Steemer’s cleaning quality should come from those who tried the service themselves.

According to Tammy of Sterling, IL who become Stanley Steemer’s customer on July 7, 2016. She was amazed by the staffs’ service and friendliness especially a quick reservation procedure which she could done it by phone within 5 minutes. Moreover, Tammy was surprised that the pre-cleaning inspection took shorter time than expect and that lead to a quick and easy cleaning service she described as a great job at such a great price.

Tammy is only one of happy customer Stanley Steemer has brought smiles on their faces.

That’s what only a professional cleaning can do at the end of the day

Furniture Cleaning

       Stanley Steemer has plenty of cleaning services to offer. This range from a simple carpet cleaning to water damage restoration, but if you are looking for a professional furniture cleaning to rejuvenate your upholstery, Stanley Steemer is also the right choice for you.

Nowadays, steam cleaning is the most popular method to clean upholstery, this way would make it easier to vacuum your furniture without harming a single fiber. This steam cleaning effectively mold and allergens hidden in your furniture once and for all. Surprisingly, this method that should have taken hours to finish could be lessen to just a matter of an hour by Stanley Steemer’s professionality. This quick and easy cleaning would allow you to enjoy the rest of your weekend on your clean as new sofa.

Stanley Steemer Furniture Cleaning Price    

At first glance, Stanley Steemer’s service price may quite high in your feeling, but consider that a professional cleaning is more than just simple wash and sweep, you will find out that Stanley Steemer’s cleaning price is about average for residential and commercial spaces. However, Stanley Steemer offers you many ways to get discount and promotions. First, you can use Stanley Steemer coupons and promotional codes to get discount or promotional cleaning package. There are plenty of Stanley Steemer coupons available online via websites including ours, but the easiest and simplest way is to subscribe at and receive them via newsletter e-mails. One example of popular coupon is ‘35FALL’ for which give you as much as $35 discount of any cleaning service. Remember that some coupons are also printable to use at Stanley Steemer’s service stations in your neighborhood but they are mostly applicable with online booking and purchase, so next time you need a professional furniture cleaning, try to book Stanley Steemer’s service online. Then, you will able to experience the same feeling that Tammy described as ‘a great job at such a great price’ by yourself.


Published:April 30, 2017

Furniture Cleaning

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