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Reliable Furniture Cleaning Service

            There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t clean furniture by yourself. One of them is you can harm your furniture without attention and that would take a lot of money to repair. Why take a risk while you could hire professional cleaners at any time?

Call Stanley Steemer to take care of the problem for you.

Since 1947, Stanley Steemer is no stranger to cleaning business. The company has gradually built its name in carpet cleaning then improve its specialty through time. Now, Stanley Steemer offers you more than just carpet cleaning, but includes furniture, tile &grout cleaning along with hardwood floor and air duct cleaning. Additionally, its technicians also specialize in restoring water damage in a post-flooded house.

With more 60 years of experiences in the field, Stanley Steemer can ensure that your furniture will be treated professionally with our reliable well-trained technicians.

Why Professional Furniture Cleaning

            Admittedly, some people thought that furniture cleaning is a piece of cake and they can do it easily by themselves. Well, that’s probably not true. Every single piece of furniture has its own unique condition, that mean you can’t just use soaked rag to clean up your wooden furniture. This misstep would make a damage more than you might think. That’s why you should hire professional cleaners who have experiences in the job. Stanley Steemer’s technicians would remove dry soil and water-based stains with their own cleaners which you can look up at their official website. Through this method, dirt and pollutants will be removed smoothly without doing any more harm to the furniture condition. Be it leather or wooden furniture, Stanley Steemer’s technicians could not only clean it up but also try to preserve and protect its condition in a long term. This is why you should have your furniture cleaned by a professional cleaner like Stanley Steemer at least once a year.

Stanley Steemer Furniture Cleaning Promotions

Unlike other cleaning company, Stanley Steemer always want to save your pocket as much as possible. With its coupons and promo codes available via and other website (such as ours) were designed to give you discounts and promotions. Some of them could get as much as 25% off the actual price, for example, if you type ‘pf983’ during the online reservation procedure, you could take $30 off any cleaning service which is a huge discount or if you recently had a party and your friend accidently drop a glass of wine on your leather sofa, there is a promotion that suit your need. Right now, you can have that ugly red wine spills removed quickly and effectively just for 12 bucks. This is a mere example of why you choose let professional cleaner like Stanley Steemer take care of furniture cleaning for you.

Because Stanley Steemer Furniture cleaning service is not about cleaning but preserving and renewing your furniture to be as good as new in the long run.



Published:June 10, 2017

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