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One of the Finest Furniture Cleaner in America

            You might have heard a story about Stanley Steemer carpet cleaning service, but might not know yet that Stanley Steemer also has its excellent reputation in furniture cleaning.

Since foundation in 1947, Stanley Steemer never stop developing to become one of the finest cleaning company in the United States. From a small carpet cleaning shop, now Stanley Steemer has grown enormously with more than 200 branches open across the country which proudly offer you variety of cleaning service range from furniture cleaning to water damages restoration. When think about cleaning, think about Stanley Steemer.

Although there are numbers of cleaning business available for you to choose, some might offer their service with unbelievable promotion. However, there is so much more than cleaning capability to be named a professional cleaning service. It takes years of practice and experiment to become a master of cleaning skills, Stanley Steemer technicians has been trained intensively to be able to command, not only in cleaning techniques, but also analysis and decision-making to bring out the most satisfying outcome to you, our precious customers.

You don’t have your furniture cleaned everyday, but when it’s time to do so, you must want your precious furniture to be in safe hands. Call Stanley Steemer and let the pro take care of them for you.

Furniture Cleaning Price

To be honest, furniture cleaning is not cheap, but it’s not that expensive to the point that no one can afford. On the other hand, professional cleaning can be at affordable price, especially if you are Stanley Steemer’s customer. Most furniture cleaning price is rate around $60 to $150 for furniture in one room. This market price is probably too high for most people, but Stanley Steemer offers you a much more cheaper way to have a professional furniture cleaning, yes, I mean through Stanley Steemer promo codes and coupons.

Stanley Steemer Furniture Cleaning Coupons

            Why using expensive furniture cleaning service while you can pay lesser with Stanley Steemer. For years, customers have been pleased with Stanley Steemer’s promo codes and coupons which offer them a variety of promotions and discount. You, too, could get furniture cleaning service at discount price, all you need to do is visiting and subscribe. Stanley Steemer’s coupons will be sent to your mailbox shortly along with other promotions. Then, you can use those coupons to get discount in person at your nearest Stanley Steemer’s service station or use it before making a payment through online order service.

Recently, there are some interesting furniture cleaning coupons available, for example, PE983 could take $30 off any cleaning service and you could have furniture up to 2 rooms cleaned if you apply ‘PALISH’ promo code before making a payment online.

Remember that you don’t clean your furniture everyday, but when you do, call Stanley Steemer (1-800-STEEMER) and you will never regret.


Published:May 25, 2017

Furniture Cleaning

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