Cleaning Suede Furniture

What is suede furniture

There is no deny that suede furniture is so gorgeous that everyone should have one for decoration, but how to clean it might give you a headache.

In short, suede is a great fabric to make sofa more attractive appearance, but on the other hand, suede is so vulnerable to be damage by improper cleaning. That is why you need a professional suede furniture cleaning to get the job done.

Stanley Steemer can be your first choice. The company has been in cleaning business since the end of World War II which guarantee its experience and reputation that stand out against time. Additionally, Stanley Steemer technicians has been trained not only to become professional cleaners but also experts who could analyse and choose proper methods of cleaning. For suede furniture, stains removing could be handle by multiple ways depend on types of stains. For example, dry stains might be able to clean with a towel but you can imagine how disaster it would be if you end up make it all over the place. The same thing might happen with wet stains which can become even worse if you are lacking of effective cleaning instrument and that’s why you should let someone who know suede furniture well to do the cleaning job for you.

Cleaning Suede Furniture

Suede furniture cleaning is a little bit complicated procedure. First, Stanley Steemer technicians will examine your sofa to evaluate the stains and choose the right method of cleaning. This could be anything range from a powerful vacuum or microfiber towel. Keep in mind that almost every suede furniture has their own unique microfiber code such as ‘W’ for water-based cleaning solution, ‘S’ for Solvent-based cleaner and ‘S-W’ for both types of cleaning techniques. This indicates that suede furniture cleaning is not easy as you might think and improper cleaning could lead to a mess. Stanley Steemer would apply their own leather cleaner to initially remove damaging soils out off the furniture surface, then they will use moisturizers and protectants to cover your sofa with an invisible barrier which would rejuvenate it for years to come.

Stanley Steemer Suede Cleaning Price

Admittedly, professional cleaning is not quite cheap, but consider that single premium cleaning could last long for years. It is worth trying to buy the service. However, you need to be sure that a suede cleaning service will be live up to your expectation and importantly, worth the money. Stanley Steemer could be your friendly choice considering its affordable price. You could get your suede furniture cleaned along with other additional furniture just by using Stanley Steemer promo codes available in our website and Those promo codes could give you a variety of discounts, promotions and additional service. All you will need for a single suede furniture cleaning. Remember that suede furniture could be the face of your house considering its luxury appearance, so you need to take care of it properly and professionally unless you want to buy an expensive new one every six months.

When thinking of suede furniture cleaning, think about professional cleaner. Call 1800 Stanley Steemer and let them do a cleaning job with the price everyone can pay.


Published:October 20, 2017

Furniture Cleaning

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