Cleaning Microfiber Furniture

Stanley Steemer Microfiber Furniture Cleaning

            Steam cleaner is an extraordinarily powerful tool to clean your furniture, but unsupervised use in the hands of amateur can lead to devastating consequences. That’s why you should leave cleaning jobs to professional cleaning company.

Over the past decades, Stanley Steemer has made it name as one of the finest carpet cleaning company in America. However, not many people know that the company also expertise in the field of furniture cleaning, especially with steam or hot water extraction technique which can easily clean your microfiber upholstery within an hour.

Stanley Steemer technicians will start from vacuuming your upholstery to remove dust and debris, then they would use clean and dry brush to lift stains and crusty spills from the fabric. Now come the highlight, Stanley Steemer technicians would use hot water to clean your sofa or other upholstery along with their exceptional spot-remover. Please notice that this method is pure chemical free so that people with allergy or asthma will not affect from any remaining chemical after the cleaning finished.

Why Microfiber Furniture need proper cleaning?

First of all, microfiber has wide reputation for its easy-cleaning and durability which could summarize all you need for an upholstery. To illustrate, microfiber sofa is so easy to clean that you can even use water with soap to clean stains caused by wine or ketchup. However, if microfiber cleaning is that simple why would you need a professional cleaner?

The reason is that there are so much more for professional cleaning than just easily wipe out stains. Stanley Steemer technicians has been trained to not only make your furniture look fresh and new, but also preserve its condition as well as extend its longevity in order that you will be able to use it for the next decades. There are some major differences between fabric and microfiber furniture that you should keep in mind. First, microfiber was made for covering furniture to protect it from various types of pollutes. This is to say that microfiber could resists water and stains better than traditional fabric like cotton, linen and chenille. Second, microfiber is a dense material which make it color on upholstery brighter than other fabrics. These are just a few examples of microfiber’s benefits, there are still a lot more but let’s conclude that the strength of microfiber is nothing but its durability and easy-to-clean condition.

Microfiber Furniture Cleaning with Stanley Steemer

            In the internet era, you can find many good cleaning services online, but how could you ensure that your expense will lead to satisfied outcome?

Stanley Steemer has more than half-a-decade experience in the field with its nationwide reputation to keep, this will guarantee you at certain level that Stanley Steemer will be at your service until you satisfy with the cleaning result because their business depends on customer’s reviews. If you interest in Stanley Steemer Microfiber Upholstery Cleaning service, there are multiple ways to book their service. First and easiest way is via online channel: visit, subscribe and choose cleaning service you want then make a payment online by credit card. Secondly, you can immediately call Steamer/Steemer 1800 right now to book cleaning service with Stanley Steemer friendly operators. Other alternative way is to visit Stanley Steemer service station in your neighborhood, this way you can buy some Stanley Steemer’s exceptional products to use for yourself sometimes.






Published:September 20, 2017

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