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Finest Carpet and Furniture Cleaning

            This is the age of globalization and social media, you can do almost everything by choosing and clicking, but what about finding a reliable cleaning service you can trust in quality, well, that’s not so easy as clicking. Why don’t start from a company with rich experience in the field.

Since 1947, Stanley Steemer has made its name as a leading cleaning company in the United States. With more than 300 services stations ready at your service across the country, Stanley Steemer has become American housewives’ best friends for many generations of people. Additionally, Stanley Steemer offers variety of cleaning services, from simple carpet/furniture cleaning to water damage restoration for those impacted by heavy flood. Most people remember Stanley Steemer by their signature service such as carpet and furniture cleaning. For residential carpet cleaning service, Stanley Steemer has been known a big brother in the field, their technicians have been highly trained to meet customers’ high expectation and fortunately, they mostly deliver satisfactory result.

For carpet cleaning, Stanley Steemer technicians apply truck-mounted machines with strong pressure as a main instrument to clean up carpet and furniture. This is part of steam cleaning or the so-called Stanley Steemer hot water extraction method which was designed to remove dust and dirt smoothly without harming condition of carpet and furniture.

Carpet and Furniture Steam cleaning

            Stanley Steemer technicians utilize the same technique for both carpet and furniture cleaning, that is to say, steam cleaning aka. Hot water extraction method is the most suitable way to clean up delicate materials such as carpet and furniture. Through this cleaning technique, Stanley Steemer would inject 212-degree Fahrenheit hot water into carpet to effectively eradicate mold and spores as well as other bacteria and allergens. This method really suit people with allergy because it doesn’t have any chemical involvement. Moreover, steam cleaning is an ultimate safe and effective way to clean both carpet and furniture within an hour. It would take no more than two hours for technicians to begin and finish their cleaning procedure, that mean Stanley Steemer’s cleaning hours would not affect your weekend schedule at all.

Stanley Steemer Carpet and Furniture Cleaning Cost

Most carpet and furniture cleaning cost is approximately around $125 per room. Well, that’s not definitely a small amount of money and you need to be sure that cleaning service is worth your money every cent. Stanley Steemer work hard to ensure that your expectation would be properly fulfilled. There are plenty of Stanley Steemer coupons and promo codes available for you to choose and get a discount. Those coupons can be applied to reduce carpet and furniture cleaning cost to affordable price. There are two simple ways you can get them, first via which you have to subscribe and become part of Stanley Steemer family, The other way is surfing internet to find latest Stanley Steemer promo codes, for example our website provides you some latest promo codes which you can get to use when purchase. For example, ‘COMPLETE’ promo code could grant you 10% discount off any service available. This is just a few privileges of Stanley Steemer membership. To know more, visit When it’s time for carpet and furniture cleaning, think about professionalism, think about Stanley Steemer.


Published:May 15, 2017

Carpet Cleaning

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